Truro Choral Society started life as the Truro Singers in 1962, originally to perform the Dream of Gerontius - its premiere in Cornwall - accompanied by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  The conductor was Henry Mills who was then the County Music Advisor.  This was followed by a major work every three years, with the Truro Singers evolving gradually into their present form, and changing their name to Truro Choral Society in 1978.

An excerpt from The Story of Truro Choral Society 1962-2002 by Isobel Hedges:

"At 7:30pm promptly, Henry Mills, waiting in the crypt with the soloists (no Chapter House or adjoining building then), was told that every seat was filled and the Dean was about to welcome the assembly..... And then occurred something which will, for the County Music Advisor, always be associated with Gerontius - from the Cathedral overhead came the sound of 2,000 people, the organ accompanying them, singing Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven, and singing it in just that way, with just that voice, which had made him sure that these Cornish voices could sing the Dream.

Nowadays, health and safety regulations dictate that 900 is the maximum capacity of the Cathedral, but we hope that the assembled company of singers and audience will always make just as much noise."